RKG Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!

RKG Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!

RKG Haulage Ltd is a sub-contractor for Aggregate Industries that transports asphalt and aggregate materials in bulk. RKG Haulage Ltd was first established in 2014. Since joining the FORS scheme, the company has seen a great improvement in their overall fuel and emission output. Rakesh Kumar, the director of RKG Haulage Ltd explains how FORS has been beneficial to their company.

We first heard about FORS through a fellow contractor whilst tendering for work in outer London. After hearing how beneficial FORS has been to their business, we decided to look further into the scheme to see how they could help our business improve. After seeing the wide range of resources FORS provides via their online platform, we were sure that they would help us develop and progress more as a haulage business.

Our initial experience with the FORS bronze audit was straightforward and simple as FORS provided us with clear instructions and the necessary guidance to achieve the first accreditation first time round. After seeing the benefits from working towards the bronze accreditation, we began working towards a silver accreditation to further improve our business.

Once we became both a FORS bronze and silver accredited company, we decided to work towards a gold accreditation. When working towards our gold accreditation, we completed FORS modules such as the LoCity module, to improve on our vehicle knowledge and begin implementing better fuel saving techniques. Having completed this module, we saw gradual improvements in our vehicle’s fuel and emission output levels.

‘Thanks to the FORS e-learning modules, we have improved on our companies procedures which have made the business run more efficiently.’ – Rakesh Kumar

Furthermore, FORS has a range of resources that help when trying to save on the fuel usage and emission output of a vehicle. One resource in particular that was extremely useful was the FORS fuel tracker. Having the fuel tracker helped us organise our fuel records. By having a place for our fuel information we were able to see where we needed to improve on our fuel usage and whether we had made any progress over a certain time period..

‘Having the fuel tracker was extremely useful when recording all of our vehicle’s fuel data.’ – Rakesh Kumar

We are now working towards a FORS gold accreditation because we have experienced how beneficial it has been when working towards both a silver and bronze accreditation. Once we began working with FORS and achieving our initial accreditations, we began acquiring more cliental and business contracts.

In the last three quarters, we have increased our KMPL by 10 % thanks to FORS.




Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Number of PCNs

March 18 – May 18

2.69 0 0

June 18 – Aug18

2.97 0


Percentage improvement 10% 0%


At RKG Haulage Ltd, we request drivers to fill out a health questionnaire prior to official employment. In this questionnaire they must declare any health concerns that may impact their driving skills. We will then refer them to a GP if there are any issues. Furthermore, we also request our drivers to carry out regular eye checks to ensure their eyesight is suitable for driving.

Furthermore, at RKG Haulage Ltd, as we are a small company consisting of one vehicle and one driver, we do not need to recruit often. However, if we ever plan on expanding, we plan to offer drivers with no previous experience a two week buddy plan. During this two week training period, the new driver is supervised and assessed by an experienced tipper driver. Once they have showed that they have the skill and knowledge to driver independently, they can begin their official employment and drive without supervision.

FORS introduced us to the anti-idling method, where drivers switch off their engine when stationary for too long. This technique has reduced our vehicle’s noise pollution output. Also, thanks to the quiet equipment guide, we are now aware of the equipment we can use in our vehicle to reduce the noise it produces.

The materials our business transports must be kept in high temperatures therefore must be transported in a vehicle with an insulated body that can easily pick up and distribute our materials. Currently there are no other engines or vehicles suitable for our mode of work more environmentally friendly than the euro six engines in diesel vehicles.

At RKG Haulage Ltd, we plan to continue working on our professional development by completing the appropriate FORS modules and courses. We will also continue our research on alternative vehicles we can implement into the business.

Becoming FORS Gold accredited would reassure our clients that we are continuously improving as a freight business and working using the best possible practices. It would also reassure us as a company that we are working at a high standard.