My company S FARR was started in 1998 my main role is to deliver Ready mixed concrete within the Berkshire area and sometimes further if needs must. Since signing up to FORS it has opened my eyes into trying to reduce my fuel use by looking at getting more fuel-efficient vehicles which considering the vehicle needs to run constant to keep the goods fresh is not an easy thing to do but it is something which presents a challenge which I am looking at succeeding in.

Tarmac approached its hauliers about FORS in 2013 and in January 2014 I achieved Bronze. Initially it was something which I felt I had to do, as Tarmac had made it compulsory for its hauliers, however as time progressed, the benefits became apparent.  Without FORS I would probably not have completed the cycle safe CPC module.  Through progression, FORS has helped the company to be a more competent operator.

After the initial audit I had to review some of the practices I used to ensure there was more detail, this was around driver training and collating information better. This helped the company understand that there were things I could do better and that FORS was not just a tick box exercise.  During following audits there was a lot of experience sharing, allowing me to keep the good practices I was already doing as well as allowing the company use better systems to ensure a better operation

After getting Bronze I was unsure that a small organisation would be able to achieve Silver so initially it was the focus to maintain Bronze. I did partake in doing the E learning modules and the CPC course on cycle safety, and the plan for the coming year is to take advantage of the Fleet Management Essentials course and attend as many FORS practitioner courses as possible.   As a FORS member the weekly newsletter is a fantastic help.

 Sonny Edwards Production Supervisor Tarmac says,

“When it comes to FORS and transport safety, Steve is extremely dedicated. His thinking in terms of vulnerable road users and the dedicated way he runs his business are both something he should be extremely proud of.” 

Probably the biggest benefit of FORS has been the focus I have had to give to cycle safety and fuel consumption. Focusing on these areas especially during the silver application really changed mind-sets on how the business should be run. The fuel focus and the subsequent improvements have helped me both be a greener efficient operator but also financially it has saved money, a key focus point was unnecessary idling.  Having the FORS logo on my truck is a clear demonstration to both the general public and customers that I take my business seriously and that through progression everyone can see that I have achieved a set standard, and as I hope to progress to Gold this will set my business apart from those who have not achieved that standard.

Nick Laity (Transport Account Manager) says,

“Steve is a contractor for Tarmac and his dedication towards FORS and transport safety, plus hard work in continually updating his knowledge is proof of his professionalism to manage a safe and successful business.   The safety record, service level and quality of vehicle he supplies our business is high quality and equipment with transport safety in mind, and he should be proud of the way he manages his business.

The main reason for progression was that I wanted to demonstrate to Tarmac that as a subcontractor I am capable of meeting the challenges ahead and that my business is one where Tarmac would like to continue in partnership with. FORS is also hugely recognised by the construction sector and certainly by some of the country’s main contractors.  It is important that we continue to improve the operation and by doing this we are in a better position to benefit from more work and possible continued expansion in the future.

  • Performance data – Unfortunately the past year there has been a slight increase in the MPG on my vehicle this could be down to spending more time idling on site waiting to unload with the drum spinning it’s something that will require further investigating to aim to improve figures for the future.




Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Number of PCNs

May 16 to April 17




May 17 to April 18




Percentage increase



No change

*Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

  • Driver health and fitness review – Some sites/projects require a medical. One such is London Heathrow Airport which I am hoping to progress and obtain a driving pass for also I have raised Mental Health and Wellbeing as an issue to Tarmac during a safety week in Jun 17. We also have random Alcohol and Drugs testing throughout the year at our depot and customers sites
  • Strategy for recruiting drivers – At present I have no strategy in place as I am a single operator but if in the future if I look to increase my fleet I will look into the possibility in taking on a driver via an apprentice scheme and provide them with the training required in their job role.
  • Noise assessment – Using a Tarmac Toolbox talk and reiterating my drivers’ induction and driver’s handbook given to myself from Tarmac are some of the measures to ensure we understand the need for noise assessment.
  • Modal shift and alternative vehicles – as in G9 of my application currently modal shift or alternative vehicles are not an option presently. We procure vehicles via a franchise scheme for Tarmac, as the technology progresses and its deemed financially viable then these options would have to be explore.
  • The future in the haulage and construction is unclear, to this end we have to ensure that we are best prepared to meet the challenges ahead. Having purchased A Euro VI vehicle in 2015 I am focussing on better performance, continued compliance and better training and communication. Longer term and subject to viability the need will come to renew vehicle and to this end there will be big decisions to make. Direct vision is one of the ready mixed concrete industry’s’ requirements for London to meet the mayors targets. Constantly keeping up with what manufacturers develop will help put me in the best position when decisions will have to be taken. Hopefully on award of Gold my personal goal is to improve myself by attending as many courses as possible that will help me be better at my job. Through our FORS progression we have understood the need to continue to develop as so much changes, whether it be legislation or industry standards. By doing that we are confident we can maintain the standards and continue to fly the flag for FORS.
  • Gold is a major step for my company, it shows that I’m able to demonstrate that the company is meeting the required standards, having Gold FORS logos on my truck would be an illustration of my achievement but also be a great advertisement for FORS as working on some of the country’s’ biggest infrastructure projects would show the benefit of achieving FORS accreditation.

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