FORS Associate, Transport Exchange Group, helps members win new business

FORS Associate, Transport Exchange Group, helps members win new business

GRADTEG_Grad_RGB_CS3-(2)FORS Associate, Transport Exchange Group (TEG), has been helping FORS members gain new business via access to its Courier Exchange.

TEG, one of the UK’s leading freight carrier collaboration services, has been working with FORS to offer their range of products and services to FORS members, helping improve collaboration levels in the transport sector.

Once such FORS member to benefit from this link is Ajax Couriers, a FORS Bronze member who joined the Courier Exchange to further increase the scope of its business.

Joining the Courier Exchange gave Ajax access to a vast network of transport companies, and as a fully FORS accredited business, it is now ideally placed to carry FORS required specifier work for thousands of other Exchange members.

The Exchange platform gives members live availability, live notifications and vehicle tracking, which has proved to be a vital tool for Ajax Couriers who has been able to integrate its TomTom Webfleet tracking system directly with the Exchange, allowing greater visibility and boosting business opportunities.

Its FORS accreditation, alongside its exemplary feedback score and fleet tracking capabilities, also made Ajax Couriers one of the first companies to be awarded an Exchange Pro membership – allowing them access to even more tools, user privileges and support.

For more information about TEG, please click here.

FORS members have access to exclusive offers and discounts from FORS Associates as part of their membership. To see the latest offer from TEG, please click here.