FORS Gold member teaches children about cycle safety

FORS Gold member teaches children about cycle safety

J&M Haulage Ltd (JMH) have been speaking to children at Thundridge C of E Primary School in Hertfordshire about the dangers of cycling near Large Good Vehicles (LGV’s). The school were celebrating Bikeability Week and were visited by John Marcetic, Director of JMH, whose grandchildren attend the school, and John Appleby from Tarmac.

The children, in years 5 and 6, were walked around a lorry which is fitted with the latest visual aids, including four way cameras, to show them what the driver can see from the cab while the rest of their classmates stood on the ‘Blindspot Mat’, learning where they couldn’t be seen by the driver.

The group also got to explore the cab to get the driver’s view of the road, not just through the windscreen but also via numerous mirrors and video cameras mounted around the vehicle.

JMH Ltd, a FORS Gold Accredited Haulier, hopes that by raising awareness of cycle safety and giving the children an opportunity to get close up to and inside the lorry, they will learn about the dangers of riding their bike alongside LGV’s.

Initiatives like this promote safety awareness in an enjoyable way to children. One child said of the day, “Lorries cannot see cyclists so they [cyclists] need to stay away from them”.