FORS Professional – training and guidance

FORS Professional – training and guidance

FORS-Logo-Tagline_TransThe CV Show (2017) proved to be the perfect platform for FORS to present its newly-branded FORS Professional training programme. Providing free and funded training to FORS accredited members, and one of the key benefits of FORS membership, FORS Professional training encompasses the full range of FORS courses, workshops, eLearning and training-support materials for drivers and managers.

Delivered by skilled and qualified industry experts, FORS Professional training comprises funded FORS Practitioner workshops at strategic locations nationwide, Safe Urban Driving, Van Smart, eLearning modules, and more, and all supported by a wide range of Toolbox Talks, toolkits and guidance materials.

To view the new FORS Professional training package, click here.

If you haven’t yet checked out the latest FORS Guidance on training requirements click here.

The Guidance provides a simple framework for operators to follow covering the Approved Driver Training and Approved Manager Training which needs to be demonstrated by organisations.  Use the document to check your training plan meets the FORS requirements.