Press Release: FORS members offered new tailored insurance policies

Press Release: FORS members offered new tailored insurance policies

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has welcomed a new tailored approach to fleet insurance, as set out by Abaco Insurance Brokers. As a FORS Associate, Abaco Insurance Brokers is part of a select group of companies that provide exclusive discounts to FORS members on products and services which promote greater levels of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. 

The company provide insurance policies to courier, haulage and logistics companies, with solutions for businesses operating fleets of all sizes, providing advice specifically tailored to each business’ needs, including risk management, policy coverage and the important claims management process.

As a FORS Associate, Abaco Insurance Brokers will now provide FORS members with; exclusive policies, enhanced cover, premium reductions for motor and non-motor business, contributions towards risk management costs (e.g employee training, vehicle telematics and cameras), detailed claims analysis and reporting (to comply with the FORS Standard).  For more information see here 

Companies wishing to become FORS Associates need to pass a rigorous selection and assessment process, with their application supported by customer testimonials and an independent report of their product / service.

James Goodwin, Associate Director, at Abaco Insurance Brokers, said; “We are extremely proud to be a FORS Associate and know the collaboration between Abaco Insurance Brokers and FORS will bring real benefit to FORS members.  Abaco and FORS share the same goals, with high standards and best quality at the top of the agenda, making this partnership a natural match.”

Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager, said, “We are delighted to offer our members the new range of services from Abaco Insurance Brokers.  Its commitment to the changing needs of the sector will be welcomed by FORS members, and it is great to see insurance companies recognising the positive impact raising standards will have across the industry.”

James Goodwin adds, “The insurance market is changing for businesses operating in the courier, haulage and logistics sector, therefore, now is the time to focus on risk management, policy coverage and claims management procedures.  With our advice around these key issues, FORS members will not only be able to reduce the cost of their insurance premiums, but actually have the ability to budget for future years, something that has previously been unheard of within the sector.”