Reduce emissions with FORS anti-idling toolkit

Reduce emissions with FORS anti-idling toolkit

Looking for practical advice to help reduce unnecessary levels of vehicle idling? Download the FORS anti-idling toolkit. Developed by Transport for London, the toolkit will help you reduce idling time and in-turn save money and reduce harmful emissions from your operation.

The anti-idling toolkit contains materials that will support you in your efforts to implement and communicate anti-idling measures and meet FORS requirement O4: Engine idling, which states fleet operators shall have a written policy and procedure to reduce instances of engine-idling.

The toolkit includes:

  • Anti-idling facts
  • Case studies
  • Procuring technology and implementing a campaign for anti-idling: tips for success and checklists
  • Briefing notes and top tips for drivers
  • Anti-idling policy and driver handbook information template
  • Presentations slides
  • Posters

To access the anti-idling toolkit, click here.