Renewing your Silver or Gold accreditation?

Renewing your Silver or Gold accreditation?

If you are a FORS Silver or FORS Gold accredited operator, please remember that you must have at least 30 calendar days’ validity remaining on all your current accreditations at the time of submitting an application to renew your Silver or Gold accreditation. These rules are set out in the FORS Rules and Procedures.

This means that, at the time of submitting your re-approval application, the following criteria must be met:

If you submit a re-approval application for… The following accreditations must have a minimum(*) 30 calendar days’ validity remaining
FORSLogoSilver_UD2 Bronze accreditation Existing Silver accreditation
FORSLogoGold_UD2 Bronze accreditation Silver accreditation Existing Gold accreditation

(*) We recommend around 45 days minimum validity remaining on your Bronze in case your first application is not successful and you need to submit a follow-up application.

This is to ensure there is sufficient time for compliance checks to be conducted and for the certification body to assess your submission and inform you of the result prior to your current accreditation expiring.

Your accreditation is at risk if you do not submit your application with the required 30 calendar days’ validity remaining. Failure to renew your accreditation prior to expiry will result in your organisation being downgraded. The extra year(s) you gained when becoming Silver or Gold accredited will also be lost and this in turn may affect your Bronze accreditation depending on when you last undertook a FORS Bronze audit.

So, please plan your re-approval submissions ahead. If you are unsure of when your accreditation is due to expire, you can check by going to your organisation dashboard, and then clicking on the Evidence/Logos button, which will take you to the page shown in the example below:

New Picture (24)

For any queries regarding this, or progression to Silver and Gold in general, please call the helpline on 08448 09 09 44 or email You can attend the FORS Going for Silver and Gold workshop to guide and support you through the online application process. The workshop focuses on the benefits of Silver and Gold accreditation, how to upload your evidence, what the FORS compliance team checks for, and the most common reasons for failure.  Click here for more information and to book a place.